Angela Jackson Photography Studio. Nashville, Indiana.

I really stopped looking for a studio space & never thought the day would come, but we stumbled upon a lovely space in the Village Green Building in Nashville Indiana. This three story brick building, Nashville's only skyscraper, was built in 1910 and is one of the largest buildings in Brown County. It has so much character, several spots for rent, and I looked at them all, but this one was perfect. I mulled over it for weeks (as my husband asked me daily if I signed the lease yet, I am glad he had faith in me).  When I finally called and told the landlord that I thought I was ready, they told me 2 other people were interested in the space, & one was ready to sign a lease. BUT I was the first one to inquire, so I had dibs. I told them I would be down that day to sign the lease. & BAM!!! 

I thought you all may enjoy seeing the progress. So here are a few unedited iPhone pics of before/during/after the AJP Studio opening (I am terrible about bringing my big girl camera everywhere and documenting our own lives, I know, shame on me!).

THANK YOU to my husband who pushed me to take the plunge. My son who made many trips up and down the stairs, carried heavy items, and helped me tremendously. My father in law for hanging curtains. My dad & mom, brother, niece & nephew aka "Pauls Painting Crew" for ALL of their help painting. And my sweet fur baby Luna for keeping me company while I filled ALL of holes in the wall & painted.

I had no idea what exactly I planned on shooting in this sweet space, I just knew I needed a studio. All of the additions are still being made & I am enjoying shooting in here FAR more than expected. I do plan on offering special mini session days, but I am always scheduling families, kiddos, headshots, boudoir & seniors!

A shop vacuum bag full of dust & dirt, some scrubbing, and a couple gallons of paint ... and BOOM ~ I am ready! 

Otsuka. Family Photography. Columbus Indiana.

Each family and couple are unique and I am lucky to witness and document many types of love, emotion, relations and connections. I don't need to tell you all the mushy-lovey-dovey details from each session, that's why you won't find me writing much on this blog. I like for my images to show the beauty of living, & the power of each story! I do however appreciate that this family is raw and that they allowed me into their day to document their current life & home. They have lived here for several years and had plans to move back home to Japan before the girls got any older. One of the items on their "before we move bucket list" was to have me photograph their family. :) (which made my heart full). Most of their household items had been sold, or packed away in preparation for their move & just a week or so after I photographed them, they got on a plane and moved across the world. I was so lucky! What a joyful, kind, and beautiful family, I hope they are doing well and adjusting to their new lives in Japan.  

Joanna, Yoga Instructor. Columbus, Indiana.

I personally discovered my love for yoga over 2 years ago. For the last year, I let life get in the way and had a set back from my practice. Well, a friend invited me to join her at class a month ago, and man am I glad I made the time! I have been going back 2-3 times a week since. I have even continued my practice at home. Yoga is so much more than stretching and doing handstands. Yoga forces me to breath deeper, set my daily intentions, meditate, open my mind, stretch my body and share the light and joy of life with others. It makes me a better person and helps keep my flexible and active. I would recommend it to anyone no matter how old or young and how in or out of shape you are.
Meet this lovely yoga instructor, Joanna. I had taken one of her yoga classes on a Saturday morning in the past. So I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her practice and journey ~ she is amazing and seriously a ray of light. Other than teaching yoga, she is also a school therapist. Joanna said getting her instructor certification was definitely life changing. I wish my schedule allowed for me to take her evening classes. Be sure to follow her yoga journey on her Instagram and take one of her classes at Uptown Yoga.