Columbus Indiana Family Photographer. Lovely Steph and her little gents.

I remember first meeting Steph at a music event in an alley in Columbus. She sat barefoot on the ground with her adorable little skirt on, nursing her first born. I couldn't stop looking at her, and her ability to just BE. BE there in the moment & music, BE there for her baby, and to not give a care in the world who was watching. Smiling that big Steph smile, moving with the beat, her light shined. Being a person that is pretty intuitive, I knew she was a beautiful soul. I remember thinking it would be wonderful to photograph her. Years pass and we would say hello in passing, but I remember we always hugged. I am a hugger, so I loved that (I doubt she even remembers that). 

I follow her in Instagram and when she posted a photo in the playhouse ... & I insisted on photographing them in it! I knew the images would be PERFECT. We scheduled on a Saturday morning, I showed up with fresh chocolate chip cookies and left with her homegrown garlic scapes. I never gave one direction on what to do (other than where I wanted to take photos). I was maybe there an hour. I documented them the way I desired, the way I envisioned it would it be. I didn't ask them to do one single thing.

I let them BE. I let life happen. I let raw emotion and love BE my subject.  

She is continuously BEcoming & BEcoming.