Nashville Indiana Newborn Photographer. Austyn.

Otsuka. Family Photography. Columbus Indiana.

Each family and couple are unique and I am lucky to witness and document many types of love, emotion, relations and connections. I don't need to tell you all the mushy-lovey-dovey details from each session, that's why you won't find me writing much on this blog. I like for my images to show the beauty of living, & the power of each story! I do however appreciate that this family is raw and that they allowed me into their day to document their current life & home. They have lived here for several years and had plans to move back home to Japan before the girls got any older. One of the items on their "before we move bucket list" was to have me photograph their family. :) (which made my heart full). Most of their household items had been sold, or packed away in preparation for their move & just a week or so after I photographed them, they got on a plane and moved across the world. I was so lucky! What a joyful, kind, and beautiful family, I hope they are doing well and adjusting to their new lives in Japan.